People love to talk. Advances in technology are enabling us to have global conversations faster, more reliably and cheaper than ever before. And for the channel, voice connectivity represents an opportunity to generate additional revenues and add further value to customers.


Voice over Internet Protocol is a way of making and receiving telephone calls over an IP connection. It’s resilient, scalable, incredibly easy to use and extremely affordable. There’s no limit to the number of DDIs or users; moves, adds and changes are affordable and virtually instant; and as users can log into the phone system from anywhere that has power and connectivity, it’s great from a business continuity perspective.

SIP Trunking

Our SIP trunking service provides straightforward gateway access to our network for customers who are looking for a supplier to terminate the calls, whether they’re setting up a hosted VoIP service or already have an installed IP PBX.

IP PBX – Telephone Systems


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Video Conferencing

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Our Network Operations Centre carefully monitors our network 24/7 to ensure that it’s working at its optimum. You’ll also have access to our Technical Support team if there’s ever a problem.

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